Flight #13


Fuel totalizer reset prior to flight. Flash data card installed before flight.

Attempted to do a second flight today. Filed flight plan to depart Manassas, but immediately after takeoff, the oil pressure gauge did it’s off-scale high anomaly again…Dammit…thought it was fixed. Aborted flight plan and immediately landed. This leaves only a few things left to try: Plug the oil pressure sensor wires into the manifold pressure gauge to see if that changes things or helps isolate, buy a new oil pressure gauge, and update the computer firmware. I’ve checked wiring at each connector end.

Time before: Engine 16.6, Total: 19.0

Time after: Engine 16.8, Total: 19.4

Flight time: 0.4

Good news is my takeoff and aborted departure saved me from having to wait out the rain cell on the ground in Warrenton while Manassas got drenched for an hour.

Flight Data

Flight Map


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