2021 Annual Condition Inspection

Hobbs: 824.1, Tach: 735.4

Annual Condition Inspection started 2/27/21.

Compression check: 79/78/7878

Removed all wheel pants. Need to replace the right wheel. Left wheel and nose wheel were tires and tubes were replaced last year.

Lubricated aileron hinges, aileron external pushrod rod end bearing, flap lower (external) linkages. Lubricated prop, mixture, throttle, cabin heat, and alternate air push/pull controls both inside the cabin and outside in the engine compartment.

Removed spinner. Greased prop with 6 pumps of grease each side. Inspected bolts and safety wire. Reinstalled spinner.

Removed all baggage items from aircraft. Vacuumed carpet, removed interior carpet. Determined both magnetos had been previously IRAN’ed at 398.7 (left) and 525 (right) Tach times respectively. Current tach 735.4.

Removed 8 spark plugs.

Inspected and took pictures internal to each cylinder of intake and exhaust valves. Replaced all spark plugs with new.

Left wheel pant maintainence

Hobbs: 412.9

Did some maintenance today. Had a sneaking suspicion about the left brake rubbing. Opened left wheel pant since it was just a tiny bit wobbly. Found brake caliper and wheel pant mounting bracket all 3 bolts loose allowing up down motion of whole brake assembly. Removed wheel and tightened bolts. Reinstalled. Noticed this very tiny motion two months ago and we should have checked sooner. Lesson learned: if anything changes even a little bit investigate. Left tire at 22 psi. Right tire at 15 psi!! Filled to 35 each. Since the pressure was low the bulging wheel managed to rub and take another small chunk of the fiberglass wheel pant off on both sides. Trimmed and cleaned a bit more using the sanding wheel in a die grinder on both left and right main wheel pants. Reinstalled both wheel pants. Will test fly it tomorrow AM during instrument lesson. Should probably check nose tire pressure but I didn’t have time before leaving today.

RV7A Maintenance Work – Spark Plugs – 350.5 hours

Good news:
Decided to remove and regap all 8 sparkplugs which made a big difference in ease of starting. Most had gaps bigger than 0.022. Reset to 0.016.
Bad news:
While working around the plane the led work light stand tipped into the wing and put a dent on the top side of the leading edge of the right wing outboard of the fuel tank. It’s smaller than a dime and doesn’t affect airworthiness but I’m feeling pretty bad about it. I plan to research options for removing the dent via auto body service like dent masters or filling the dent with bondo and recovering with a small vinyl patch.

(Sold) Cessna 150 M For Sale @ KHEF

My friend Harry sold his beautiful Cessna 150. Here are the details:

1976 Cessna 150 MIMG_0583

  • N714BC
  • 3993 TTAF
  • Continental 0-200 487 TSMOH
  • Factory installed original extended range tanks (38 gallons, up from 24)
  • All original logbooks with excellent maintenance record
  • Upgraded McFarland fuel filler overflow system installed for clean fueling
  • Mechanical condition airframe & engine: 10/10
  • Exterior paint / cosmetics: 7/10
  • Interior cosmetics 5/10
  • 1999: Newly painted exterior
  • 2004: Top overhauled #1, #3 cylinders
  • 2011: Top overhauled #2, #4 cylinders
  • 2013: Both mags overhauled, overhauled carb, overhauled alternator
  • 2014: New magneto harness installed; new ELT installed
  • 2016: New starter&battery contactors installed, new voltage regulator, new battery
  • 2017: Compressions: 73/80, 72/80, 78/80, 74/80
  • Next annual due: Jan 2018
  • Regularly flown and professionally maintained 150M; based at KHEF
  • Here’s your chance for a great airplane in top notch mechanical condition














RV7A Maintenance Work

3/3/17 Tach 162.6, Total Time 182.5

  • Fixed screen over fuel vents
  • Checked engine timing, good
  • Oil weep @ oil cooler hose fittings, upper & lower – tightened
  • Fixed air filter pop out from starting backfire
  • Fixed alternator wire chafing

3/26/17 Tach 170.3, Total Time 191.1

  • Changed oil; took oil sample; changed oil filter. Did not inspect oil suction screen.

4/12/17 Tach 172.5, Total Time 193.8

  • Changed 4 bottom spark plugs for new
  • Gapped 4 upper spark plugs
  • Installed lower cowl heat shield material

6/27/17 Tach 202.3, Total Time 227.9

  • Removed wheel pants
  • Removed wheels
  • Changed tires to new Dresser retreads, Goodyear Flight Custom III, & new tubes
  • Replaced both brake pads L & R
  • Repacked main wheel bearings L & R
  • Re-installed new tires & wheels
  • Re-installed wheel pants
  • Flew test flight to Winchester & back with John A.

7/1/17 Tach 203.9, Total Time 229.7

  • Larger retreads cracked wheel pants again on landing, so wheel pants were cutout more, and re-fiberglassed
  • Added white vinyl to nose gear leg fairing
  • Changed oil, filter, and checked oil suction screen

7/8/17 – 7/9/17 Tach 203.9, Total Time 229.7

  • Removed empennage fairing, painted with gloss white spray paint
  • Re-installed wheel pants
  • Oiled the exhaust stacks with mouse milk
  • Re-glued screen over L & R fuel vents