RV7A Maintenance Work

3/3/17 Tach 162.6, Total Time 182.5

  • Fixed screen over fuel vents
  • Checked engine timing, good
  • Oil weep @ oil cooler hose fittings, upper & lower – tightened
  • Fixed air filter pop out from starting backfire
  • Fixed alternator wire chafing

3/26/17 Tach 170.3, Total Time 191.1

  • Changed oil; took oil sample; changed oil filter. Did not inspect oil suction screen.

4/12/17 Tach 172.5, Total Time 193.8

  • Changed 4 bottom spark plugs for new
  • Gapped 4 upper spark plugs
  • Installed lower cowl heat shield material

6/27/17 Tach 202.3, Total Time 227.9

  • Removed wheel pants
  • Removed wheels
  • Changed tires to new Dresser retreads, Goodyear Flight Custom III, & new tubes
  • Replaced both brake pads L & R
  • Repacked main wheel bearings L & R
  • Re-installed new tires & wheels
  • Re-installed wheel pants
  • Flew test flight to Winchester & back with John A.

7/1/17 Tach 203.9, Total Time 229.7

  • Larger retreads cracked wheel pants again on landing, so wheel pants were cutout more, and re-fiberglassed
  • Added white vinyl to nose gear leg fairing
  • Changed oil, filter, and checked oil suction screen

7/8/17 – 7/9/17 Tach 203.9, Total Time 229.7

  • Removed empennage fairing, painted with gloss white spray paint
  • Re-installed wheel pants
  • Oiled the exhaust stacks with mouse milk
  • Re-glued screen over L & R fuel vents

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