2 thoughts on “Lake Gaston with Mom”

  1. Good morning. I built an RV10…and have 50.7 hours on it to date. This morning, I noticed my oil pressure (Kavlico Sending Unit) was sitting on 165 PSI prior to start. First time ever doing that. After starting, held that for about 2 minutes…then dropped back to normal. No issues after that. Flew great. I am curious on what you found about your oil pressure issue.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Terry Moushon
    Peoria, Illinois


  2. Terry

    Congratulations on finishing your RV10. That is what I hope to build next since there are more than two people in my family now.

    Regarding the kavlico 150 psi sensor for oil pressure. I finally tracked it to a loose solder shrink tube on both the 5v supply line and on the 0v ground line. I had spliced those to share with another sensor the same supply and ground pins on the G3x and when I applied some extra heat via a heat gun to those two solder shrink tube connectors for the splices the problem disappeared. No matter how good you think your electrical connections are, go over them again. Especially the gnd and 5v lines. Mine started intermittent and slowly got worse. Hard to find problems that only show up every 2 hours. What finally worked was getting some key to watch the panel closely while I wiggled wires. If you can find a wire wiggle that causes the digital gauge display to wiggle you likely have found a loose connection. I was so sure of my wiring that I suspected the gauge. I was wrong.


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