Left wheel pant maintainence

Hobbs: 412.9

Did some maintenance today. Had a sneaking suspicion about the left brake rubbing. Opened left wheel pant since it was just a tiny bit wobbly. Found brake caliper and wheel pant mounting bracket all 3 bolts loose allowing up down motion of whole brake assembly. Removed wheel and tightened bolts. Reinstalled. Noticed this very tiny motion two months ago and we should have checked sooner. Lesson learned: if anything changes even a little bit investigate. Left tire at 22 psi. Right tire at 15 psi!! Filled to 35 each. Since the pressure was low the bulging wheel managed to rub and take another small chunk of the fiberglass wheel pant off on both sides. Trimmed and cleaned a bit more using the sanding wheel in a die grinder on both left and right main wheel pants. Reinstalled both wheel pants. Will test fly it tomorrow AM during instrument lesson. Should probably check nose tire pressure but I didn’t have time before leaving today.

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