Bleeding the brakes again (3rd time)

After my first flight, I noticed the brakes were spongier than before. After de-cowling after the first flight, I found that when I had bled the brakes the 2nd time, I hadn’t gotten the cap on the brake reservoir on the firewall tightened securely enough. During the first flight, some of the brake fluid  (~1 oz) had overflowed the master reservoir and coated the firewall.

Today I attempted to bleed the brakes for a third time (to git rid of the air bubble sponginess I had introduced when bleeding the brakes a 2nd time (to fix the right brake leak). I got several noticeable bubbles out of the master reservoir by bleeding the right brake, and made sure I tightened the cap on the reservoir securely this time.

After standing on the brake pedals on both passenger and pilot sides, it feels like they are once again firm (like they were after the first brake bleeding with Steven). I will check their performance on the 2nd flight, probably this coming Saturday morning.

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