Flight #12


Great flight today with lots of clouds. Takeoff had few 1600, few 5000, broken 7000.

Times before flight: Engine: 14.7, Total: 17.1

Times after flight: Engine: 16.6, Total: 19.0

Flight Time: 1.9

Flew mostly 2500 and 2600 RPM. Flight data card was missing (not installed prior to flight) so no data for this flight.

Flew some slow flight with 1/3, 2/3, and full flaps with turns left and right.

Flew 90% of the time full rich, tried leaning out once during flight. Leaning from 14.7 to 12.1 GPH caused EGT rise from 1290 into the 1400’s, and caused CHT to go from 360 to 400. I didn’t try any leaner or LOP.

Added 100 Low Lead markings over the vinyl near the fuel caps.

Flight Data


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