First Annual

Aileron travel limits: section 15, page 15-2

Max Up/Down= 32/17
Minimum Up/Down= 25/15

Elevator  travel limits:

Max Up/Down= 30/25
Minimum Up/Down= 25/20

Measured 2016-12-10:

Ailerons: LU: 30, LD: 17, RU 32, RD 17

Elevator travel: 29 Up, 23 Down

max end of the range. i.e. 30* up and 25* down

Changed Oil

SB 14-02-05 Elevator Spar Cracks – Inspected – None found

SB 14-01-31 HS Front Spar Bend Cracks – Inspected – None found


Found wet B-Nut on rear side of fuel pump

Found loose spare AN365 nut under passenger seat pan
Found rivet junk in footwell area
Found plastic cap in footwell area
Removed passenger stick, cut zip ties
Removed left and right gear tower carpet covers
Found cracked engine baffle near oil cooler mount on #4 cylinder, added reinforcement
Each aileron trailing edge droops 3/16 when opposite aileron/flap/tip are in alignment
Routed GDL cable to dash top through hole
Added pin #15 on roll servo via spare white wire (CWS Disc) and spliced it into green CWS Disc wires for sticks under right passenger seat pan
Added prop leading edge tape

/80        HOT_______COLD__Y__1._76__2._78__3.__78__4.__78__



1B: 0.018 (Original)  1T: 0.018 (Newer Tempest)

2B: 0.018 (Original)  2T: 0.018 (Newer Tempest)

3B: 0.019 (Original)  3T: 0.018 (Newer Tempest)

4B: 0.018 (Original)  4T: 0.018 (Newer Tempest)

Install bottom plugs to 360-420 inch lbs torque (30-35 foot lbs)

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