Flight #2 Prep Work

Today I installed the GoPro camera via a suction cup mount hanging from the canopy ceiling on the passenger side. I did not yet hook up the audio/power cable as I don’t have a skeleton case that allows the mount and the cables at the same time.

I checked the oil and measured 6.25 quarts (cold). I noticed minor rubbing between the lower cowl and the heater scat tubes that will need fixing eventually.

I opened the right dash panel to access the IFR GPS (GTN650) antenna cable which had become loose (I think I didn’t screw it in fully originally). This is a type-N or similar connector that screws several turns. I applied a bit of extra torque using a wrench. I checked the IFR GPS and am now getting satellite reception again.

I looked for brake fluid leaks around the right wheel and found none from the brake bleeding #3 yesterday.

I mounted the lower cowl and the upper cowl. I reinstalled the cowl hinge pins (2 side vertical, 2 side horizontal, 2 upper rear, and 2 lower) & 6 retainer screws. I reinstalled the lower cowl retainer plate, 2 washers, and two screws.

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