Flight #2

Once again I had a nice group of friends willing to support this flight by acting as ground crew. Dave, Alex, & Lisa Haschart, and Bruce Anderson, joined Rachel, Zack, Mom and me at the airport at 7AM on Saturday.

We didn’t have the fire axe or rescue squad folks on hand for this one so we were missing the fire axe and sawzall, but felt comfortable proceeding based on the success of the first flight.

Once again, flight #2 was to be a trip around the local airport pattern at Manasssas VA. However, this time I was flying ~155 KIAS instead of the ~105 KIAS from first flight.

Departure was around 07:45. Tower had me make left traffic from runway 34R which was a bit unusual, but posed no problems and let me fly larger laps around the west side of the airfield. I spent about 1:30 in the air.

Dave was kind enough to send me this video of the takeoff:

This flight included a fuel tank change every 30 minutes, and I started on the left tank which had been tested during the first flight. No noticeable effects in fuel pressure or fuel flow when changing tanks for the first time. I did not use the boost pump during switches.

Dave also sent this video of the taxi in after landing:

After taxi in and de-cowling, we checked/noticed the following items:

Brakes were good but reservoir leaked another ~1oz.

Right Tank Dipstick Measurement: 12 Gallons Remaining (Gauge = 14 gals)

Left Tank Dipstick Measurement: 7 gallons remaining (Gauge = 8 gals)

Oil: 6.1 Quarts

Fuel Flow Totalizer: Fuel Remaining = 16.5 gallons

Fuel Used = 22.5 gallons

Fuel Truck Filling: 23.2 Gallons Added

Right Tank Dipstick = 20.5 Gallons

Left Tank Dipstick = 20.5 Gallons

Wiped brake reservoir but didn’t tighten or fill.

Pulled cowls and checked engine compartment. Added foil tape to bottom of heat scat tube where rubbing cowl. Still need permanent fix.

Flight Temps & Parameters: Flight 2 Data

Flight Map: Flight 2 Map


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